PKM cares for the environment

No matter where in the world we produce our plants, the environment is important to PKM, That's also the reason why PKM has committed itself to the the international environmental registration system MPS - Milieu Programma Sierteelt and fulfilled the demands in the following MPS classifications:
Read more about MPS here Milieu Programma Sierteelt.
In 2004, PKM became classified as a MPS A nursery. This means that the production resources are assessed from a holistic perspective and there is placed requirements on the consumption of energy, nutrients, pesticides and waste management.
In November 2012, PKM became MPS-GAP certified. MPS-GAP relates to the production of flowers and plants, and corresponds in these areas to Global GAP. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice, and when a company becomes MPS-GAP certified its production is assessed in relation to the environment, production conditions and working environment. The MPS-GAP certificate proves that PKM meets the criteria laid down by the Euro-Retailer- Produce Working Group - EUREP - for the safe, sustainable and traceable production of high quality products.
In 2014 PKM became MPS SQ (Socially Qualified). This certificate proves that PKM's products are produced under good working conditions, which include various health, safety and employment conditions. Tap the different logos to see the certificates:
Project title: Energy saving with curtains for pot plant production
The energy optimization project deals with a heating saving by setting up new shades and insulation curtains in 5 greenhouses of approx. 10,000 m2.