PKM's Joint-Venture in Kenya

PKM in Kenya

In 2008 PKM established a joint venture with a Kenyan partner. The project now includes HADITHI PLANTS Ltd. located northwest of Nairobi in Limuru. The project includes 17,000 m2 of greenhouse area used for cultivation of Schlumbergera. The greenhouses are equipped with tables, sunscreening and automatic watering.

Environment and MPS

Many challenges must be handled when you start production in other continents. Production of cutflowers and cuttings is a major industry in Kenya, and thus a
known profession. Among the local management and staff there is great responsibility and carefulness, this contributes to keep the plants in a top quality. PKM has also chosen to use the biological pest control in Kenya, and hygiene requirements are kept at a high level.

Élite plants and quality

Because PKM refuses to compromise on our high quality, all plant material is tested at PKM in Denmark before being sent to Kenya. This means that the plant material used for stock plants come from élite plants grown at PKM. From these stock plants we harvest the cuttings used
for our production of FAIRYTALE FLAME®. There is also a strong emphasis on maintaining quality and plant health in the daily care of the plants in Kenya.


As already mentioned there is a very large production of cuttings and cutflowers in Kenya. This makes it easy to ship the cuttings back to Denmark. Once the cuttings are harvested, they are packed in boxes and driven to the airport in Nairobi. From there the cuttings fly to Amsterdam and then they are driven by truck to Denmark. PKM receive the cuttings at the nursery in Denmark a few days after they have been shipped from Kenya.


PKM is a Danish-based, internationally oriented company that shows social commitment and adaptability, irrespective of where in the world we operate. Consequently, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) forms an important part of our activities in Kenya. In the establishment of HADITHI PLANTS Ltd. we have secured good employee conditions, including changing rooms with lockers and showers, and the employees are given vaccinations and annual HIV checks. We also sponsor teachers at both a local school and a school in a poor Masai area, an orphanage in Nairobi, and a local youth/sports club.