Research & Development at PKM

Research and Development

Gartneriet PKM has chosen to concentrate its product development on Campanula, Schlumbergera, Rhipsalidopsis and Gentian. 5% of PKM’s sales are channelled directly to product development, where we try to come up with even better products for sale under the trademark FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®. We wish to be known as suppliers of healthy plants in the colours that customers demand, and with the basis for long durability, so that both the consumers and the companies that sell our plants will be satisfied. Finally, delivery at the right time and stage of development is a focus area which has been given higher priority in recent years.

Genetic basis

The development department is full of many Campanula species, and a broad genetic base within each species. The department thus houses hundreds of different clones of GET MEE®, which provide the basis for the many ongoing improvements the product requires in order to keep up with contemporary demands and remain a popular quality product. Similar conditions apply to our other products.


PKM’s modern greenhouses enable us to give the plants exactly the conditions in which they grow best, allowing us to send them out of the nursery in a very healthy condition. As an example, our plant robots place the individual seedlings in the sales pot with millimetre accuracy day in and day out, so that the little seedling is raised 1 cm above the soil surface. This creates a dry climate around the root collar, which is typically the first point of attack for diseases during cultivation and distribution. The cultivation process is subject to continuous monitoring by our health laboratory, so that only healthy seedlings are harvested – without a healthy start, it is difficult to achieve a healthy and successful end product. In addition to focusing on a high level of hygiene, the product development department also works intensely on disease resistance, from the time each seed sprouts until the final product is ready – five, eight or maybe ten years later. Over the past decade, this genetic basis, together with the company’s modern greenhouses and dedicated staff, have allowed PKM to push the limits of plant health, colour intensity, durability, reliability of delivery, number of buds and the width of the Campanula range. Similar conditions for Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis mean that we can now supply these plants in a vigorous state of health and consistently high quality, to the benefit of the consumers and sales companies.