PKM must be an attractive workplace, this we will achieve through these five words that should characterize PKM's values:

The management sets clear goals and provides clear communication. We will ensure high efficiency and quality in all our actions. The management involves people and treats everyone with openness and respect. We value people who take responsibility, are involved in the company and come up with ideas on how we can improve and develop. We can and we will.
All relationships are based on respect, honesty, loyalty and respect. All employees must have the opportunity to influence, develop and improve their own skills to achieve their own as well as the company's goals, and sharing responsibility both for themselves and for the company's development.
We respect each other and our differences, and we are open to everyone who contributes.
Our way of working must be characterized by understanding, acceptance and a positive attitude to changes, at all levels of the company.
We will be innovative and develop our products and market relationships. We must be ambitious and constantly strive to be the best, it is about creating and developing the potential in our company and in our relationship with others. In other words - never finished, always on the road.