Rocky Diamond®


Gentians are a new crop at Gartneriet PKM A/S. In 2018 we will market the five popular Gentiana Rocky Diamond® varieties Edna Star (white), Pink Star (pink), Royal Stripes (two-coloured blue/white), Blue Eternity (blue) and Blue Heart (blue), in pot sizes 10½ cm. 
Gentians can be used both indoors and outdoors. Gentians are winter hardy and therefore suitable for planting. The flowers are bell-shaped and very color-intense, and the plant has a low and compact growth.
Gentians thrive very well in rock beds and in garden beds . Gentians have beautiful and vigorous flowers and will also add colour to a pot on the terrace or in your house. If placed indoors, Gentians thrive best at a sunny spot.
For more information about Gentiana Rocky Diamond® please call PKM's sales department at tel.: +45 6618 9074.

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