FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® extends the assortment with Helleborus - also known as 'Christmas Rose'. Helleborus grows wild in the European mountains in the light woods and forest meadows on calcareous soil ground. Helleborus fits well into our production flow as it has season from late November through December.

Helleborus - 14 cm


Plant Helleborus into your garden in the springtime when the night frost has gone. In the nature Helleborus is growing in good loam soil, preferably in the forest where they are partly in shadow. Plant Helleborus at the edge of shrubs or trees, but remember that the soil must be well-drained, and the plant should not dry out. You will get the most of your plants if you try to bring them as close to their natural growth conditions as possible.

How to plant out

The best time to plant Helleborus in the garden is early autumn. The plant has a deep root system - approx. 35-40 cm - and use permeable soil with much organic material. Dig a hole - approx. 40-50 cm - and mix the soil well with leaf mold or compost. If the soil is very clayey, you can add sand. Be sure that the soil is pressed firmly around the roots, and water carefully after planting. Helleborus thrives in calcareous soil and the plants are winterhardy.

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