How much water do my flowers need?

3 watering cans means that the flower must be watered often. If you place your flowering plant in direct sun in a room with a high temperature, you must water your flower on a daily basis.
Actually, it is easy to have flowering plants inside your house. A good advice is to lift the flower and if the flower feels light, it may need watering.
Place your flower in its own pot and let the root soak a large amount of water to get the best result.

2 watering cans means that the flower is hardy. You can keep Helleborus inside, but they grow best in outside conditions.
The best time to plant Helleborus in the garden is early spring. You will get most joy of your plants if you can create their natural growing conditions.

1 jug mean that the flower does not require much care. FLAME® and FIRE® must be watered every 8th - 10th day and must not be overwatered and most importantly the roots must not soak in water.
A newly bought plant must be fertilized lightly and be placed on a bright spot during the flowering period of 3 - 4 weeks. FLAME® is sold from August to November and FIRE® is sold from January to April.
FIRE® has star-shaped flowers that opens in the morning and closes in the evening. When the plant has finished flowering, you should remove the wilted flowers and place the plant in a dark and cool room.