Inspiration for interior design with

Our flowers

FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® are available in many different colours, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Our assortment covers the whole year, so you can always find a flower that suits you. And why should you have a guilty conscience about throwing out plants that have been in your home for three or four weeks? Plants are biodegradable, so they are fine to throw on the compost heap. Some plants can also be planted in the garden once they have finished flowering indoors.

The stylist's ideas

According to Mie Lerche Bach - owner of LERCHE design in Odense - plants have found their way back into our homes. She says: "Plants are lovely, life-affirming elements that help to emphasise our own personal style." One tip from the stylish interior designer is that you should choose your plants with care and ensure that they complement your house decor. We challenged Mie and asked her to show you how you can emphasise your style with FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®.

Your home

We hope that you found new inspiration for how to style your interiors with flowers from FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®. If you have questions, please contact Anett Madsen by e-mail at:

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