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Adenium - also known as Desert Rose - is a new PKM product available in limited quantities


Adenium is a new and exciting product that has become part of the FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® assortment Gartneriet PKM A/S bought the genetics of Adenium in 2017 and now we have the first plants for sale in limited quantities. Adenium is also known as Desert Rose, as it grows wild in dry desert areas in eastern Africa. The plant stores liquid in the strong stem for a long time, so it can withstand long periods without water. This means that Adenium is an incredibly hardy flower that can withstand direct sun light. Adenium must dry out between the waterings and does not need much water. Adenium has a strong stem with knotted roots, and look like a Bonsai plant. The plant has a beautiful sculptural look, with very durable flowers, and is in season from May to August. In the winter period, when the light is sparse, Adenium must be watered very little and may lose the leaves, but in spring, new leaves will break again. Call PKM's sales department at tel.: +45 6618 9074 for more information about Adenium.