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See how the grower's wife lives with the colourful FAIRYTALE FLAME® autumncactus

Who said that cactus are boring?

Certainly not me – well I know that I am maladjusted and being the grower’s wife with free access to plenty of autumn cacti makes it very easy to appreciate the beautiful plant very much. And there is every reason to:
  • Easy to keep beautiful in a modern home
  • Lights up the dark autumn days
  • The plant is compact, durable and tolerates transport
  • The buds develop into silky flowers in 3-4 weeks
  • Fantastic as table decoration
Most people know Schlumbergera as November cactus or Christmas cactus, but we call it AUTUMN CACTUS as we think that it has much more to offer and AUTUMN CACTUS can easily be sold from August. Schlumbergera originates from the coastal side of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where it grows in the mountains at a height of approximately 800m. About 200 years ago, the first Schlumbergera arrived in Europe and since the early 1960s Gartneriet PKM has produced this beautiful and durable plant, which we market under our brand FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®. All the buds look like small flames, which is why we call our autumn cactus for FAIRYTALE FLAME®. The plant has beautiful green leaves accentuating the buds and flowers. It takes about three weeks for the buds to develop into the fantastic, silky flowers. Most people know Schlumbergera with bud size 1-1½cm and most people believe that the buds fall off easily. Modern growing techniques and many years’ intensive breeding work mean that FAIRYTALE FLAME® is an incredibly durable plant and moreover it very easy to have. FAIRYTALE FLAME® autumn cactus does not need much care and will bloom year after year. Therefore FAIRYTALE FLAME® is very qualified in busy family homes wishing flowering plants around. In fact the cuttings for our autumn cactus come from Kenya, since we entered a joint-venture with a Duch-Kenyan partner in 2008, and therefore we have now built 35.000 sqm in Limuru, which is north of Nairobi. FAIRYTALE FLAME® is available in white, orange, red, pink and purple in pot sizes from 5½cm, 9cm to 11½cm. I like the pure colors and I am very fond of using many plants when I lay the table for guests. Instead of buying a flower bouquet I would recommend spending the same amount on a beautiful bowl with autumn cactus. In this way you have a beautiful table decoration to look nice with guests and you can enjoy it yourself in up to 3 weeks after, while the flower bouquet usually lasts no longer than one week.