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Smart carrying sleeves - now also for the FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® 11½ cm assortment

A couple of years ago we introduced our smart flower sleeves with handle for our 10½ cm range. It has become so popular that we can now also deliver our 11½ cm Campanula assortment in sleeves with a handle.

It should be easy for the customers to carry their FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® home. We did something about it and introduced our smart flower sleeve wit a handle for our 10½ cm Campanula assortment. It has now become so popular that we have now also chosen to have flower sleeves with a handle for our 11½ cm Campanula assortment, consisting of Blue MARY MEE®, White MARY MEE® and Sweet MEE®. If you would like more information about our practical flower sleeve, you are always welcome to contact PKM's sales department on tel: +45 6618 9074.