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FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® assortment consists of Campanula, Schlumbergera, Rhipsalidopsis, Gentian, Muehlenbeckia and Helleborus. See our assortment and find information about when the various products are available in the season.
To ensure consistency between what our customers want and what we deliver, we have created an overview of how Campanula GET MEE ® looks at the five different stages of development in which we pack it here at PKM A/S.
Products from FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® are supplied in our exclusive, logo-imprinted gold wrapper. Our additional service items include Normpack, Mix, Sleeves and Labels/sticker.
PKM has chosen to focus its product development on Campanula, Schlumbergera, Gentian and Rhipsalidopsis. PKM invests continuously in research and development every year, it ensures that we continuously bring out exciting new plants and that our assortment is optimized with regard to durability and ornamental value.
We create a new catalog every year, published in January in connection with our participation at the IPM, the world's largest exhibition of ornamental plants. View FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® 2020 online.
In our photo gallery, you will find pictures of our sales plants in various pot sizes and colours. The photo gallery is divided up between our four main crops which are Campanula, Schlumbergera, Rhipsalidopsis, Gentian and Helleborus.

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Our pictures may be freely used - you only need to be aware that the PKM varieties are registered and marketed under the protected trademark FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®.
The product names GET MEE®, MEE®, FLAME® and FIRE® are all registered trademarks. This means that you should always remember to use the correct product name, and add the little '®' beside the product name and trademark.
You are always welcome to contact the PKM sales team at tel.: +45 6618 9074 or by e-mail to: