The trademark

A brand obligates and creates expectations

The trademark FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® was introduced by PKM in 2001. It is not a coincidence that PKM has chosen FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®, with Hans Christian Andersen's profile in the logo. With this concept we have made it easier for the customers to distinguish our products from those of other producers.
PKM resides in Odense, which is Hans Christian Andersen's hometown. We wanted a recognisable trademark with links to the firm's history and roots, and our assortment of beautiful flowers is a fairy tale in itself. PKM's own history reminds us of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale about “The Ugly Duckling”. It had to go through an awful lot before it could see its own reflected image in the lake to realise that it had been transformed into a beautiful swan. PKM had some tough years at the start of the 90'ies, but with the help of good employees and a sharp focus on the right products we have passed through the crisis unhurt.
PKM is firmly determined to fulfil the expectations every time our customers choose a product from FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®, and we want to give our customers new and good experiences with our beautiful flowers. There is hard competition in the industry, which is why we concentrate on innovation, to be able to present new products that our customers identify as our brand, FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®.

Research and Development

Two of PKM's Research and Development department main objectives are the development of new products and improvement of current assortment. Like that we ensure that our customers have the highest possible advantage. One of our main objectives is satisfied customers, who wish to buy and re-buy our FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®.
PKM's products are marketed under the registrered trademark FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®. Furthermore MEE®, WONDER®, MARY MEE®, FLAME® and FIRE® are all registered brands. Only FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® produces the original GET MEE®. We do not sell young plants or half-finished plants in Europe.
PKM has license productions in North America, Canada and Japan. FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® brings colour and life into your home and garden. As Hans Christian Andersen said: "Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower!" and we do agree.