Fairytale Flowers®

our guarantee for good quality

A brand with commitments and expectations

PKM’s well-known FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® brand was launched in 2001. The fact that PKM has chosen FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® as our brand name and H.C. Andersen is a part of the logo is no coincidence. We want a recognisable brand with strong links to the company’s history and roots. By developing FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® we have made it easier for customers to recognise our products.
We are determined to meet our customer’s expectations every time they choose a product from FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®, aswell as adding great experiences to the use of our beautiful flowers. Being in a competitive market forces us to constantly focus on product research and development, to be on the top of the game and constantly present new and great products that customers can easily identify through our brand.

A story we are proud of

With his roots deeply founded in the city of Odense and inspired by the world around, H.C. Andersen wrote and sketched his fairy tales with a curious and conscious perspective on life. Fairy tales, that are joyful to young and old. Fairy tales, that at first seems entertaining but upon further reflection highlights manners, responsible behaviour, right and wrong. Sharing the roots of life with the author lies deep within us to create joyful stories through beautiful flowers while being responsible for nature. We want to deliver flowers for you with consciousness in mind. To us, that is what good manners and responsible behaviour – towards plants, people and planet – is all about. Our flowers and plants carry the FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® logo – our guarantee that you can create your own joyful stories with our flowers while caring for the world around. –

registered trademarks

A portfolio of strong sub-brands under the brand FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®

Our products are variety and assortment registered and marketed under the protected trademark FAIRYTALE FLOWERS®. In addition, MEE®, WONDER®, MARY MEE®, FLAME® and FIRE® are registered trademarks. Only FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® produces the original GET MEE®. We do not sell small or semi-finished plants in Europe.
PKM has licensed production in North America, Canada and Japan. FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® help bring colour and life into your everyday life.
PKM’s product development department works both with the development of new products and with the improvement of the existing range. This ensures a maximum benefit from our plants due to our main goals: High quality, durable and resistant plants as well as satisfied customers and ensure a returning FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® costumer.

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