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And wants to pave the concious way for the entire horticultural sector

We produce plants with passion, and the environment plays a very important role in PKM. Therefore, we have committed us to the international environmental registration system MPS – Milieu Programma Sierteelt, and have achieved the following MPS certifications:
  • MPS ABC – Category A – since 2004
  • MPS GAP since 2012
  • MPS SQ since 2014
In 2004, PKM was classified as a MPS A – horticulture. This assesses the resource consumption of production in a holistic perspective and sets requirements for energy, nutrient and pesticide consumption, as well as waste management.
In 2012, PKM became MPS-GAP certified. MPS-GAP includes flower and plant production, and matches the Global Gap in these areas. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice, and when you are MPS-GAP certified, production is assessed in relation to the environment, production conditions and the working environment.
The MPS-GAP Certificate proves that PKM meets the European Retail Organisation’s (EUREP) criteria for safe, sustainable and traceable high-quality production.
In 2014, PKM received the MPS SQ (Socially Qualified) certificate, which shows that PKM products are produced under good working conditions, which include various health, safety and employment conditions.





Certified responsible production

a guarantee of transparency and high standards

PKM’s products all carry the GGN certificate, which is a guarantee that our plants comply with ‘GLOBAL Good Agricultural Practice’. This covers a holistic approach to agricultural production, focusing on sustainability, environmental protection, animal welfare, worker health and safety, and supply chain transparency.

The standards ensure that constant efforts are made to increase production efficiency while minimising the consumption of vital resources. Similarly, a general development of best practices in production is required.

Below you can read about some of the specific initiatives and projects that we have established and are continously working on at PKM.

Specific actions
environment & conciousness

From 2005 to the end of 2020, PKM has achieved a total reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 57%. This is mainly due to behavioural changes and a strong focus on energy consumption in production

We continuously launch new initiatives, produce energy reports, share experiences with the industry and support electricity and district heating suppliers’ investment in green transformation. Some of the actions we have already implemented are:

plant passport

All plant lots handled within the EU are labelled with a plant passport that follows the plants during the distribution proces. This guarantees that the plants meet EU requirements for plant health and plant traceability. The plant passport is not always visible to the consumer.

The plant passport involves:

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