Packaging with storytelling

The packaging of our plants reflects our mission at PKM & Fairytale Flowers; our roots, history, quality, philosophy of plant production as well as today’s and tomorrow’s unavoidable demands to take care of the nature around us.
The Fairytale Flowers logo guarantees our high quality but also signals our Odense roots and the author H.C. Andersen as a source of inspiration. The hand-drawn illustration of the flowers is inspired by H.C. Andersen’s fairy-tale universe and his way of expressing his creativity and point of view through stories, illustrations, and papercuts. It shows that we, like him, want to push boundaries while contributing with our plants to small adventures in everyday life. The brown paper, the natural colours and the indispensable bees swarming around the flowers express our desire to tell consumers that we are actively working to care for our environment and doing our part to create more sustainable plant production. So choosing flowers from Fairytale Flowers is also a choice of a higher degree of responsibility.


a wide portfolio requires different packaging types

Our many different flower types and sizes naturally require different types of packaging. Packaging to present, transport and protect our plants, ensuring safe transport from the nursery to the shops and on to the end customers.

Each plant grows in a green plastic pot, the size of the pot is depending on the size of the plant. The available pot sizes depend on the variety of plants. Available pot sizes for the different plants can be found on the product page of each planttype. Find the overview of the product pages here.

The plants are packed in a paper or plastic bag marked with the trademark and the name of the plant.

The plants are then placed together in plastic trays in numbers depending on the size of the pot and the type of flower. This facilitates transport and protects the plants.

Alternatively, the flowers can be packed in plastic trays with paper wrap to protect and collect the plants and display our brand.


From an environmental perspective, we at PKM have chosen to carry 2 types of packaging. Some of the advantages of paper and plastic are as follows:



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