About PKM

Gartneriet PKM A/S was founded by Poul and Marie Madsen in 1948. PKM's production area covers 190.000 sqm of greenhouses and an outdoor area of 40.000 sqm. The nursery is located north of Odense. Here 150 competent employees produce 20 million pot plants a year, of which 90% is exported to the European market.


Kristian and Poul Madsen are the owners of PKM. PKM's management consists of Anett Madsen (CEO), Claes Bastrup (Sales Manager), Steen Jensen (Production Manager), Kristel Høj (Finance and HR Manager) and Merih G. Tesfamicael (Quality and Environmental Manager), each of them with great competence in their subject areas.
It is healthy for all businesses - now and then - to ponder over its existence and how you want the outside world to perceive the company. PKM has also made such considerations.
The aim of PKM is to contribute to the development of new cultivation methods with specific demands to consumption of energy, nutrition and pesticides as well as waste handling.