Adenium Sunshine®

Red Adenium


Usage and special characteristics

  • SEASON: From week 18 till week 29 
  • COLOURS: Available in white, red and pink 
  • USAGE: Adenium is for indoor use Adenium is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. 
  • Adeniums are also known as the Desert Roses, and they are appreciated for their colourful flowers, but also for their unusual, thick caudices and are commonly used for bonsai. 
  • Adenium Sunshine® has big, beautiful flowers with a long durability. Adenium must be placed in a sunny and warm spot, and will keep on flowering during the summer. 
  • Adenium can be grown for many years in a pot and do not need a lot of water.


  • 12 cm


Adenium must be watered regularly
12 cm