Care instructions



Campanula can be used indoors and outdoors. Campanula should be placed in a bright position but not in direct sunlight. GET MEE® and Pretty MEE® will spread and create a beautiful ground cover that will bloom 2 - 3 times a year from June through October. GET MEE® and Pretty MEE® are winterhardy plants, which means that they can overwinter if you plant them out in the garden by August, so the plant has time to establish its rootsystem. We recommend 6 - 8 10.5 cm GET MEE® or Pretty MEE® plants per sqm.


Moderate watering, should not be over-watered or allowed to dry out. Lift the pot up, if the plant feels light, it needs water. Place it in a bowl of water until it has drunk it's fill.


Campanula thrives best at cool room temperatures, min. 10° C and max. 32° C. If you place Campanula in a room with a high temperature, you will need to water it more often. GET MEE® and Pretty MEE® are winterhardy and ideal for planting in garden beds and containers.


It is not necessary to add fertilizer in connection with planting, as the root-ball contains fertilizer. Overwintering GET MEE® and Pretty MEE® should be fertilized lightly in the growth period from April to July.