We care
people & planet



Flowers and plants from PKM are high-quality products and are produced on a vision of high standards within the products, the environment and the people.

We are committed to being first-movers within our industry by setting a high standard for climate-friendly plant production. Therefore all our efforts are for the benefit of both ourselves and our planet. We want to strengthen the sustainable approach of the entire sector and therefore participate in a number of networks and Think Tanks.

Product development is a constant and important process at PKM. It ensures that we can continuously optimise the high quality of our products. The FAIRYTALE FLOWERS® brand guarantees healthy plants with a long shelf life so the consumers, as well as sales companies, get a great experience.

Our competent staff is at the forefront and constantly monitors production, ensuring stable production and a healthy production environment.

Never finished – always improving!


We care about plants,
people & planet

We are serious and care about our responsibilities

With his roots deeply founded in the city of Odense and inspired by the world around, H.C. Andersen wrote and sketched his fairy tales with a curious and conscious perspective on life. Fairy tales, that are joyful to young and old. Fairy tales, that at first seems entertaining but upon further reflection highlights manners, responsible behaviour, right and wrong. Sharing the roots of life with the author lies deep within us to create joyful stories through beautiful flowers while being responsible for nature. We want to deliver flowers for you with consciousness in mind. To us, that is what good manners and responsible behaviour – towards plants, people and planet – is all about. Based on good behaviour – in big and small ways, for people, nature and animals – we set the standard for a more climate-friendly crop production. – our guarantee that you can create your own joyful stories with our flowers while caring for the world around. –



At PKM, we are responsible for a sustainable future for our industry, people and production.

We create sustainable flowers by sustainable production.


Our skilled team of employees are constantly working to develop, improve and optimise. We regularly publish our newsletter PKM Insights, which offers an insight into our daily work.


We choose our packaging with care, ensuring a wide range that meets our customers’ needs while contributing to sustainable production.

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